My name is David Werntz. I am a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), based in Southern California (home airport is San Gabriel Valley/El Monte). I do most of my instruction in the Aero Association of Caltech (aka the Caltech/JPL Flying Club), but am available on a limited basis for instruction outside of the club throughout most of Southern California.

I’ve been a pilot since 2002 and a flight instructor since 2008. I’ve given over 10,000 hours of instruction for private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor training. I combine safety and fun into all my instruction, with the goal of training pilots who enjoy flying.

I hope you find this web site helpful and invite any questions you may have.


2018 AOPA Distinguished Flight Instructor

2017 AOPA Distinguished Flight Instructor

2014 AOPA Flight Instructor Honor Roll

2013 AOPA Flight Instructor Honor Roll

Instructing outside of AACIT

If you are interested in having me instruct you in an airplane you own, I will need a little extra information about you and your airplane, including maintenance and insurance.


Contact me at dgwerntz AT yahoo DOT com

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  1. David, great website. If you’re still doing the FLITs, put me on the list! I’m a new-ish pilot with 180 hours and could greatly benefit from real-world flight planning. Many thanks, Paul

  2. David, this is really nicely presented, practical information for newcomers to AACIT. Thanks. — Scott

  3. David,
    If you fly over an airspace (e.g., EMT), is it customary to call in to the EMT tower just to make your intentions clear that you don’t intend to enter the airspace? Does it depend on whether you have flight following (by SoCal Approach, for example) ?

  4. I really hope you continue to add to your website. You have some of the best practical information on the internet. Your details of your actual flights are really helpful.


    Bill Radding

    • Thanks Bill. I’m glad you find it helpful and I do plan to continue to add to the info. I’m always looking for topics that others would find useful.

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