Private Pilot

This page is a starting point for my students who are learning to fly (I hope others will find it useful too). I do not cover every topic; for that, I have recommendations on books in my required items. My articles will concentrate on topics that are

  • Local in nature, like local airport procedures, practice area, and dealing with SoCal
  • Specific to how we do things in the flying club where I do most of my instructing
  • Where I may have a different approach or suggestions that most sources
  • Where I have personal experience or a story that I feel is informative

I break the process of learning to fly into a number of phases.

Phase 0 – Getting Started

Phase 1 – Aircraft Control and Procedures

Phase 2 – Preparation for Solo Flight

Phase 3 – Expanding the Envelope

Phase 4 – Checkride Preparation

Phase 5 – Using Your Certificate

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