Quick weather/information links near KEMT (good for mobile)

Flight planning, charting

  • RunwayFinder – merged online versions of most VFR and IFR charts, with basic weather and route planning capabilities
  • SkyVector – online version of printed charts, showing parts that others may not (like mini-route, legends, and frequency boxes). Has basic route planning, depiction capability.
  • DUATS – one of two government funded flight planning and weather information sites.
  • AOPA IFP – a free flight planner for AOPA members. It integrates with a DUATS login to give official weather; allows you to store flight plans and aircraft profiles.
  • – free to signup. Very capable tools for flight planning and weather, oriented to the IFR pilot, but useful by VFR pilots. Mobile app available as well.

Rules, regulations, and other important documents


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