In the runup area/feedback requested…

I always have a mixture of flying projects underway – videos, articles, analysis, software, and pictures. I’m interested in topics that other pilots would find useful. Here are a few blog entries/articles that I have in draft form right now. Which would be of most interest to you? What else should I cover? Chime in with your comments here or on Facebook.

Should you be flying? – the most important skill for a pilot may be self assessment. Whether rustiness, age, or current focus, you need to be able to determine whether it is safe to be flying and whether you should alter your flying, get more training, or hang it up.

Staying sharp – though I may log PIC a lot, I don’t fly the plane that frequently. I have a core “workout” I use to evaluate my skills and keep me proficient, while being efficient with my time.

LA Tour – I have a standard tour route that I often use when friends come to town. It’s adaptable for desired time and sights. How do see the sights of LA, but avoid problems?

Bad Pilot Habits – I haven’t seen and heard it all, but I’ve seen enough to recognize common problems. Do you have these habits? How do you recognize and fix them?

Logging Time – this is an area that creates a lot of confusion (arguments) . PIC? SIC? Cross-country? Unfortunately, the FARs are not enough and I have recommendations to stay with both the letter and intent of the law.

Worry and Fear – a certain worrying attitude may be a good thing for a pilot, but it can get in the way of safety and enjoyment. What is appropriate and what can you do to enjoy your flying, while staying safe?

Things controllers say – while the FAA has recommend procedures and phraseology, some of it may not be familiar and often controllers get creative. Would you know what was intended in all these cases and how to respond?

What’s in my flight bag? – after 10+ years of flying, I’ve changed what I carry and how I organize it. I’m constantly amazed at student pilots who seem to carry even more than I do. What do I carry, and why?

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  1. Any of these would be great, Dave, but I’ll put in a word for the LA Tour. I most often hear about a Downtown/Westside tour, that covers Downtown, Dodger Stadium and along the south side of the Santa Monicas, just below or north of the Class Bravo. I’ve also seen one that covered the LA Basin: Downtown to Fullerton, then Los Alamitos, Queen Mary, around the Palos Verdes peninsula, over LAX and back east along the Santa Monicas.

    Worry and Fear would be my second choice. A lot of flying literature seems to involve dire warnings of disaster. I know the intention is improved safety but it has taken the edge off the fun for a number of people I know, especially those old enough to understand their mortality. In my case I make the mistake of worrying about things that won’t hurt me, like making a fool of myself on the radio, more than fearing things that might, such as that unnoticed skidding turn to final.

    One extra, potential topic: how to scope out a new airport at the end of a cross-country. Yes, I’ve read the AFD and looked at Google Maps and watched the YouTube videos, but now that I’ve arrived how do I join the pattern and still get a look at the wind sock, evaluate terrain hazards properly, find transient parking, find the fuel pump, etc.? In the UK they use an “overhead join,” even when coming from the pattern side of the runway…

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