Fleeing the heat

It’s summer and that means high temperatures and high density altitudes. We’re forecast to get near 100F this week. However, in Southern California, we usually have options. Take as an example, a recent METAR at my home base of El Monte:

KEMT 061847Z 22004KT 10SM CLR 32/15 A2997

A little before noon local time and it’s already 90F. But look just 23nm southwest to Torrance:

KTOA 061847Z 29012KT 7SM FEW008 24/18 A2998

That’s nearly 15F cooler. Torrance has two parallel runways and is usually not too busy. TOA does not allow pattern work on Sundays though. Long Beach is a considerably more complicated airport, so not my first choice for those early in flight training, but still GA friendly; you should have an airport diagram before going there. Hawthorne has a single runway, but is also an option; just make sure you don’t end up north of HHR and into LAX’s airspace.

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