Rose Bowl TFRs are coming

A reminder to all local pilots that the UCLA football season is starting soon. That means games at the Rose Bowl and the TFRs that go along with the games. The first Rose Bowl game will be on Saturday, September 8th. You can find the schedule online, but here’s a quick summary of home games:

09/08/12 vs. Nebraska Rose Bowl 4:30 p.m. PT
09/15/12 vs. Houston Rose Bowl 7:30 p.m. PT
09/22/12 vs. Oregon St Rose Bowl TBA
10/13/12 vs. Utah Rose Bowl TBA
11/03/12 vs. Arizona Rose Bowl TBA
11/17/12 vs. USC Rose Bowl TBA
11/24/12 vs. Stanford Rose Bowl TBA

The TFR runs from 1 hour before game time, until 1 hour after game time and prohibits most flight from the surface to 3000′ AGL within a 3nm radius. In the past, SoCal has allowed overflight at 3500′ as meeting the 3000’AGL requirement, but I’m not sure I’d be that low without talking to SoCal. If you depart El Monte’s airspace to the northwest, you are immediately in the 3 nm range of the Rose Bowl. Pilots flying one of the planes with a Garmin in the panel could enter VPLRB as a destination in order to get a distance readout from the Rose Bowl.

USC has football games at the Coliseum, which is also subject to TFRs.The Coliseum is a longer distance from El Monte, so less of an impact to those just flying near EMT.

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