X-Cntry Plan/Prep (KMRY: T-4 days)

Overall, no major change in the outlook. Looking at the 48 hour prognostic chart shows nothing major moving our way, but still too far out to give much insight.

48 Hour Prog Chart from Tuesday

El Monte is still showing AM Clouds still for Friday and Saturday, so still a likelihood of problems for VFR departure on Saturday.

Monterey forecast still showing clear on Friday and Saturday.

Today, KMRY again had low overcast in the morning, clearing between 1000 and 1100 local.

Paso Robles shows considerable cooling, but clear on Saturday.

So far, the wind forecasts just go out as far as Friday morning, but are showing a strengthening of winds aloft. That increases the chances of stronger headwinds and turbulence for the flight.

Winds Aloft @ 9000 for Friday Afternoon


TFRs – No Change

NOTAMs – No Change

See the initial planning and the next step in my planning.

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