X-Cntry Plan/Prep (KMRY: T-3 days)

The El Monte forecast has changed a bit and now is showing “Sunny” for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Our heat has started to break, so now the marine layer is affecting us more. Fullerton (KFUL) was overcast until about 930 local this morning, but it didn’t extend to EMT – the worst we had was lower visibility (7sm), but no clouds. Overall, this forecast seems a little better for VFR departure on Saturday, but subject to a lot of change.

Monterey is now showing morning clouds, afternoon sun on Saturday, which is more consistent with what they have been experiencing (though they cleared by 800 local today). This brings a chance of clouds on arrival, though looking unlikely.

There’s still no indication of major weather coming our direction:

48hr Prog Chart Wednesday - for Friday

The wind forecast now covers our planned flight and is showing moderate cross-winds (out of the SW). If these were the actual winds, they’d cause a little wind correction angle, but have little impact on our flight times. Looking at Paso Robles (weather.com), it’s forecast to be Windy on Saturday, which could mean some turbulence


No change in TFRs or NOTAMs.

See initial planning (T-5), previous day’s analysis (T-4), or the next day’s analysis (T-2).

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