X-Cntry Plan/Prep (KMRY: T-2 days)

Now we’re getting into the time range where aviation oriented forecasts start to be of some use. The winds and overall weather forecasts aren’t changing much, which is to say a chance of cloud/visibility problems for VFR pilots at the time of our departure and a slight chance on our arrival at Monterey. I do see an Surface Winds AIRMET for areas north of our destination, that I might worry about moving down into the Monterey area later.




KMRY had low clouds this morning, but cleared up by about 900 local:

KMRY 041454Z VRB03KT 10SM BKN007 15/13 A2982 
KMRY 041506Z 00000KT 10SM SCT007 15/13 A2982 
KMRY 041554Z 31004KT 10SM CLR 17/13 A2983

KEMT was marginal, but still VFR this morning

KEMT 041445Z COR 22003KT 4SM BR SCT000 SCT011

Now Disneyland is the only California TFR again and the NOTAMs haven’t changed.

The winds aloft are still forecasting for mostly cross-wind, with maybe some tailwind on the way there and headwind on the back (the reverse of the most common impact).



See the initial planning (T-5), previous day’s analysis (T-3), and the next day’s analysis (T-1)


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